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Jina Moore, part of the reproductive-health reporting team, has just won the 2011 Elizabeth Neuffer Memorial Prize gold medal, for best reporting on the United Nations. The award honors her project on UN peacebuilding activities, a Pulitzer Center-sponsored initiative that took her to four countries across Africa. The work was made possible by a grant to the Pulitzer Center from the Stanley Foundation and it was featured in the Christian Science Monitor; the Center helped organize nearly a dozen events at which Jina has spoken about her project. The collaborative approach to covering underreported issues is at the heart of our model. The Neuffer prize is a tribute to Jina's great work.

Elizabeth Neuffer was an award-winning journalist for The Boston Globe who died in a car accident while reporting in Iraq in 2003.


Burundi, Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau and the Central Africa Republic were the targets of a UN initiative aimed at stabilizing post-conflict countries through comprehensive engagement. This project assesses the results, five years out.


April 12, 2013 /
Jina Moore, Caroline D'Angelo
Pulitzer Center grantee Jina Moore leads a workshop on storytelling for Penn students on April 16.
March 4, 2013 /
Jina Moore, Fred de Sam Lazaro
Pulitzer Center grantees Jina Moore and Fred de Sam Lazaro team up at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota to focus on fragile nations around the globe and their impact on local US communities.